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Dental Sleep Medicine - 101

Discover how you can accelerate the implementation of Dental Sleep Medicine in your practice with our new revolutionary curriculum that removes the frustration of treating sleep disorders. Learn about the Upper Airway, the TMJ, and surrounding muscles and how they affect your patients.

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Discover how you can accelerate the implementation of Dental Sleep Medicine in your practice with our new revolutionary curriculum that removes the frustration of treating sleep disorders. Learn about the Upper Airway, the TMJ, and surrounding muscles and how they affect your patients. Learn new streamlined methods for screening, testing, treatment, and how to get paid by medical insurance for treatment. Dental Sleep Implementation takes a team approach, and this course provides you important TEAM TIPS that focus on the role of each team member.

What Is Covered In The Course?

Course Outline

Learn the basics of dental sleep medicine and why it is critical for each dentist to screen their patients and help them find treatment.

Learn what steps you need to take to get started. What tools you need and how each staff member plays their role in the dental sleep medicine process. 

Understanding the upper airway it critical to being able to speak with patients about how their teeth, tongue and tonsils can affect their airway. 

Sleep has a number of effects on patients health. Being able to confidently speak to your patients about how their health is affected is a critical tool. 

Learn how to quickly screen patients for sleep disorders so that you are not having to add a large amount of time in chair with the patient.

Home sleep testing can be a difficult area to explore. However Dr. Magness breaks them down in a simple way so that you know what home sleep test is perfect for your practice. 

Learn how to read sleep test results and how to best present those to your patients. You also will learn how to bill sleep appliances to medical insurance so that you can help to maximize your patients benefits and see more case acceptance. 

Learn what treatment options you have for your patients and which ones you can suggest.

Learn how to deliver the appliance to the patient and how to follow up with the patient long term.

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Course Instructors

Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Helpful!

Joe Magness D.D.S

Devdent CEO
Dr. Magness holds multiple U.S. and international patents and has used this technology to improve the lives of many. Dr. Magness is a professional speaker and educator in dental sleep medicine. He is a general dentist with over 15 years in private practice, 10 of which were focused on dental sleep medicine. Dr. Magness now exclusively treats sleep and utilizes that first-hand experience to improve and simplify the process so others can thrive in the industry.

Crystal May

Co-Founder and COO of Devdent
Crystal is dedicated to helping dental practices be successful in dental sleep medicine and medical billing. With over 17 years of medical billing experience, 10 with an emphasis on dentistry, she is a leading educator on these topics. Having owned and managed multiple dental practices, she mastered the process of efficient implementation. She enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge with dental practices throughout the country.

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Sarah Beth Mauch
Sarah Beth Mauch
Read More
So much fantastic information! Great courses, software, customer service! Highly recommend!
Allison Atwood
Allison Atwood
Read More
I didn’t realize how important sleep dentistry is until now. Crystal and Dr. Magness were great presenters.
Candace Abplanalp
Candace Abplanalp
Read More
I learned so much about sleep health and how dentistry plays a critical part in treatment.
Valerie Wilke Baker
Valerie Wilke Baker
Read More
Love this company that is trying to help bring awareness and treatment to those suffering from sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.
Lisa Merki
Lisa Merki
Read More
Please don't hesitate to partner with Devdent!!
Kristan Spaulding
Kristan Spaulding
Read More
So informative. What a life changer for our patients. Can't wait to begin our journey to optimal patient health.


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Crystal May

Co-Founder & COO
Dental Sleep Medicine & Medical Billing

Laurie Owens

Director of Medical Billing Education
Medical Billing

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