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What Every Dentist Needs to Know About Medicare

Medicare billing can be overwhelming and confusing, even to the most trained billers. Join Laurie Owens as she breaks down the specifics of  Medicare in dentistry.  She will review the different types of Medicare plans, what coverage is available, and what contracts or paperwork is necessary.  Laurie will also discuss how to work with Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare supplements and secondary’s.  If you are currently billing Medicare, or even considering it, this is a must watch webinar.

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Don’t Get Caught On The Wrong Side

Join Laurie Owens as she discusses some of the mistakes dental offices make when billing medical insurance that could be considered fraud.  Some rules are just guidelines while others are laws.  Your pocketbook and your license are worth too much to jeopardize.  Learn when you can make adjustments, why the billing process order matters, and how the quality of your clinical notes are critical.  If your documentation doesn’t accurately and adequately explain the when, what and why of your treatment, you could be at risk.

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Increase Case Acceptance with Medical Billing

Join Crystal May from Devdent as she shows how adding medical billing to your practice can increase case acceptance. Help your patients receive the care that they need and increase your bottom line by adding a new payment source. Crystal will identify the most common procedures covered by medical insurance and the steps to get started with medical billing.

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Medical Billing and Coding for Implants and Oral Surgery

Join Laurie Owens as she reviews the medical billing and coding guidelines for implants and other common surgical procedures.  She will cover everything from single tooth implants to full mouth reconstruction.  There are procedures you complete every day that may be covered by medical insurance! Learn why proper coding is essential for speedy claims processing and maximum reimbursement. 

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Medical billing tips for pediatric and orthodontic practices

Pediatric and Orthodontic practices have a huge burden to carry: looking after our children for proper formation of the oral cavity.  This webinar will guide you to learn the following for medical necessity:  Baby Bottle Rot Palatal Expansion Trauma Infant Frenectomy Imperfecta & Diseases Arch Repair Following Cleft Palate/Lip Procedures Ortho for Maxillary and Mandible Defects Don’t miss the opportunity to take your practice to the next level!   

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Patients on the Move

Finding ways to increase revenue is a key factor in dentistry. New patients bring new revenue streams, however, offering additional services to your existing patients can also be a lucrative investment of your time.  Join Laurie Owens as she discusses how and why existing patients can be “on the move” because their dental provider may not be offering medical billing for dentistry. She will explain how thinking outside the box and offering new services such as medical billing for dentistry will help retain existing patients as well as attract new patients to your practice and increase revenue.

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One Insurance Is Not Like The Other

Learn about the basics of medical insurance in this one-hour webinar. All insurance policies are different – however, you can learn a lot about an insurance plan, just by reading the card!  Join Kim Pajak as she discusses how to read your patients’ insurance cards to have a better understanding of the plan before you take the next step. Learn about the differences between HMO, PPO, EPO, Medicare, supplements, and true secondary policies and what it all means to both you and your patients. Kim will also discuss the difference between a plan exclusion and medical necessity denials – all the medical insurance basics!

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Unscripted Dental Phone Skills with Courageous Conversation

Join Laurie Owens and our special guest speaker Katherine Eitel Belt for this practice-changing webinar.  Katherine is renowned as Dentistry’s Communication Coach.  She will share tips on how honing your skills in dentistry can result in top-notch phone skills, equip you with tools to turn some of the difficult conversations you have into much easier ones, and discuss how to make your patients feel that they are the #1 patient in your the practice. Communication is key and Katherine has some pearls you don’t want to miss.

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Medical Billing for Botox and Myofunctional Therapy

Learn how medical billing could be an invaluable option for ancillary treatments such as Botox, TMD and Migraine treatment, and Myofunctional therapy.  Join Laurie Owens as she breaks down documentation requirements, medical history must-haves, and the basics of billing and coding for these services.  She will also review the SOAP note clinical documentation requirements to help ensure your claims are paid. 

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