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Medical Billing: Your Key to Increased Case Acceptance

April 11, 2019

Medical billing is crucial in dentistry as it allows for screening, diagnosis, and treatment of health conditions that affect the entire body. A free webinar is available to learn how medical billing can increase case acceptance.

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Medical billing is an essential tool in dentistry today. Technological advances in dentistry have provided more ways than ever to screen, diagnose and treat health conditions that affect the entire body. Have you ever thought about how an active infection, periodontal disease or even occlusion could affect health? What about how health conditions like diabetes, acid reflux and sleep affect the mouth?

Much of what “general” dentistry is doing today is actually a medical procedure, so why wouldn’t you bill it to medical insurance? Several dental procedures are actually required to be billed to medical first. Besides, it’s a well-known fact that today’s dental benefits can’t cover even a fraction of many dental cases. If you can get patient access to medical benefits, lower out-of-pocket costs and reserve the precious dental benefits for basic dental procedures, your patients can say yes to the treatment they need.

Join Crystal May, Co-Founder of Devdent and medical billing expert and Dayna Johnson, Founder and CEO of Novonee® and a Dentrix Certified Trainer, for a free one-hour webinar to learn how medical billing can increase case acceptance.

During this free webinar, you will learn:

  • What can be billed to medical insurance.
  • How to decide dental vs. medical.
  • The 5 categories with medical billing possibilities.
  • Code examples – common cases to bill.
  • Where to start.

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