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Practices across the United States prefer Imagn Billing, to assist them with their medical billing claims. Start saving time and streamline your medical billing process.

Imagn Billing Service + Software

Complete service to outsource your medical billing. With our team of medical billers working on your claims, you have access to many features that streamline the medical billing process.

  • Detailed Verification of Benefits
  • Pre-Authorizations
  • Clearinghouse Connection
  • Gap Exception Requests
  • Detailed Case Tracking

  • Denials & Appeals
  • Direct Messaging to Medical Billers
  • Automated Case Updates
  • Email Notifications


Imagn Billing Team

  • Verification of Benefit
  • Pre-Authorization
  • Claim
Verification of Benefits

Knowledge Is Power

A Verification of Benefit is completed to verify patient coverage per procedure code while also providing a breakdown of the patient’s medical coverage. Once submitted to our Imagn Billing team they are returned within 24 hours.

Information Provided

  • Effective Date
  • Benefit Renewal Month
  • GAP Exception Availability
  • In/Out of Network Benefits
  • Individual Deductible/Out Of Pocket & Met To Date
  • Family Deductible/Out of Pocket & Met to Date (If Available)
  • Code Specific Information
  • Pre-Authorization Requirements
  • Provider Participating Details
  • Timely Filing Deadlines
  • And More...

See The Full Picture

A Pre-Authorization may be required for specific procedures before the patient can receive them except for emergency procedures. Sometimes they are referred to as pre-approvals, or prior approvals, or prior authorizations, but they all mean the same thing. A Pre-Authorization is not a 100% guarantee that the insurance will pay for the procedure.

Claim Allowable

You Win, We Win!

Our Imagn Billing Team works hard every day to follow up on your claims so that you can focus on what matters; patient care. Rest easy and know that you only pay Imagn Billing when a claim is sucessfully processed! When you win, we win!


Example EOB's

Periodontal Treatment
Sleep Appliance
Office Visit
CBCT Imaging

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