Dental Sleep Medicine Onsite

Dental Sleep Medicine Onsite


Devdent’s on-site training covers helps get your whole team on the same page. Select the type of on-site training your practice needs and the number of days you want to have a Devdent consultant in your practice.



On-site Training

Medical Billing & Cross Coding


On-site medical billing training brings live implementation training into your practice. Our specialist will look at protocols, patient flows, and review the patient’s health history that you are using. We suggest changes that will improve the medical billing process in your office.  Your entire team will be taught to look for ways that dentistry may affect overall health conditions in your patients.

Before we arrive we ask that you collect patient medical insurance card data for patients that you believe have cases that could be billed to medical. Our consultant will work with your insurance biller to determine the proper diagnosis code sequencing.

*Travel expenses are billed separately.

Your team will learn and perfect the following

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