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Medical Billing In Dentistry - 100

Join Devdent’s Laurie Owens at this virtual workshop and learn the basics of medical billing from someone who has been in the industry for over 25 years. With four sessions and 1 hour of instruction, you will be able to easily focus on each session’s content.

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There are many procedures in dentistry that are medically necessary but are not covered by dental insurance. This Basics Workshop will help you to identify your “low hanging fruit” and show how you may be able to get medically necessary procedures paid by medical insurance. You will learn the basics of medical billing in dentistry and leave excited and empowered to help your patients receive the care that they need.

What Is Covered In The Course?

Course Outline

Learn how you can contact our instructors for private tutoring sessions, why you should bill to medical, and who can bill to medical.

Learn how medical insurance uses different types of codes to build a narrative. You will also learn how to structure your SOAP notes and the documentation you need to provide.

Learn how you can bill for exams, radiographs and CBCT through medical insurance. From new patients to existing patients you can use their medical benefits to cover their treatment.

Learn how you can bill for screening processes within your practice. These include scaling and root planing, oral cancer screenings and more.

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Tap into a new revenue source with Medical Billing for Dentistry. Learn to identify cases that are covered by medical insurance, understand what questions to ask, and how to help patients get the treatment needed. Nearly every code in dentistry can be billed to medical with the right knowledge and tools.

Course Instructor

Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Helpful

Laurie Owens, CPC, CPB

Director Of Medical Billing Education For Devdent
Laurie brings over a decade of experience educating dental practices on billing medical insurance and the techniques to get claims paid. Laurie believes that patients should be able to utilize their medical insurance for procedures due to oral systemic conditions. Through on-site training, medical billing courses, Seattle Study Club lectures, and follow-up consulting, Laurie has assisted dental practices in successfully billing medical insurance to collect benefits that would have otherwise been unclaimed. Her training on medical billing has increased practice revenue and patient satisfaction.

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Each registration comes with 4 CE credit hours. Each staff member will need to individually register to receive CE credit. 

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Crystal May

Co-Founder & COO
Dental Sleep Medicine & Medical Billing

Laurie Owens

Director of Medical Billing Education
Medical Billing

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