How to Use Filters To Organize Cases in Imagn Billing

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When working in a large or small practice, managing medical billing cases can be difficult. Within Imagn Billing you have the ability to organize your cases using the filter option in the case view.

Start by logging in to your Imagn Billing account and selecting your Cases. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see a selector to open the filter options. 


Select to view filter options.

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Once you have the filter options, open you can create a custom filter type. Each field lets you filter your cases to whatever view you need. Once you have created a filter, click Filter, and your cases will be segmented according to your filter paramerters.  If you would like to save a filtered view, you have the option to Save as Default View.

To clear a filtered view, open the filter and clear all the fields, then select filter


Here you can select the type of cases you want to view in the filter.

  • All
  • VOB (Verification of benefits)
  • Pre Auth (Pre Authorizations)
  • Gap Exception Only
  • Claim


Case Status is an option that you can use to filter your cases based on their current status. This can be helpful if you have specific staff members reviewing the cases in specific steps. 

  • Appeal Denied
  • Appealed
  • Approved
  • Completed
  • Denied
  • Draft
  • Expired
  • Info Sent
  • Info Sent to Imagn Billing
  • Need Appeal 
  • Need Info
  • Paid
  • Paid/Denied
  • Partial Approval
  • Partial Payment
  • Pending
  • Pt. Declined
  • Submitted
  • Unsubmitted
  • Under Review By Imagn
  • Needs Resubmitted
  • Credentialing Issue

Due Date

With the due date filter, you can select a date range and see what the cases will be followed up on in that date range. For example, you can filter and see what cases will be followed up on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Invoice Created

You can filter for cases that have been submitted to the Imagn billing service team, and it has been invoiced and paid. You can also see all your invoices by logging in as a practice admin. 

Case Date

With the case date filter, you can view all your cases that were submitted within that date range. For example, you can filter and see how many cases you submitted on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. 


Does your office have multiple providers? This filter can help keep providers cases clear and separate. You can enroll (enrollment fee) more providers as a practice admin. 


Filter by CDT/CPT code. For example, you can apply a filter using code E0486, and you can see how many sleep appliances you have billed for that week, month, quarter.

Insurance Company

You can use this filter to segment the cases that are with a specific insurance company. 

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