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Imagn Billing Success Story: Home Sleep Test and Diagnostics

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Imagn Billing Case Summary

What follows are the details of a home sleep test and diagnostics billing success story from Imagn Billing. You will see how a dental practice in Oregon successfully billed for a (Home Sleep Test) HST 95800, Laryngeal function 92520 and Rhinometry 92512. The practice completed this service May 18, 2021. The claim for this service was quickly paid by Providence Health on June 18, 2021.

Oral Physician Case Notes

A 57-year-old female patient presented for a follow-up.  She received and was using an OAT appliance with an efficacy WatchPAT home sleep test, rhinometry, and laryngeal function. Prior to OAT appliance therapy, the patient documented interrupted sleep, snoring, and nighttime sweating. Following therapy, the patient indicated that she was getting uninterrupted sleep for at least 8 hours per night.  She also noted she now had significantly decreased daytime tiredness, no brain fog during the day, and no headaches. 

Proving Medical Necessity

As noted in the provider’s SOAP note:

  • Improved health from therapy
  • New Epworth score is within normal limits 
  • Airway improved in measured laryngeal function

Billing Medical Insurance

The dental practice collected all required documentation and clinical SOAP notes. Pre-Authorization was completed prior to submission for 1-year of follow-up care and titration.

Allowable was $725.00. Total collected from patient and insurance $725.00.  $0 applied to deduct, $287.50 applied to co-insurance.  Patient portion $287.50.

EOB Summary:

These procedures are not covered benefits with dental insurance. Thus the payment would be completely in the patient’s portion.  This patient was ecstatic with the new minimal patient portion that left the dental benefits intact for true dental issues. She was relieved and happy that her oral physician recognized her moderate obstructive sleep apnea had to be followed for maximum improvement. As a happy dental patient, she has referred many co-workers to this provider.  The provider, as another home sleep test and diagnostics billing success story from Devdent’s Imagn Billing, is enjoying increased paid business. This provider, that completes home sleep tests and diagnostic testing is another success story from Devdent’s Imagn Billing. As a result, they are enjoying increased revenue. Learn how you can become your own success story through Devdent and Imagn Billing.

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