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Dentrix Plus Imagn Billing =Medical Billing Information Explosion

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The Technology Behind The Sponsors

Ideally, today’s technology should save lots of time, but too much standalone technology means inescapable data entry duplication. Henry Schein One integrates the best dental practice technology applications, advancing patient care in dental practices all over the country. This webinar, hosted by Henry Schein One’s Dentrix plus Imagn Billing Software, has the latest information to grow your practice. It’s free and it’s a terrific opportunity.

Dentrix plus Imagn Billing = Medical Billing Information Explosion

Crystal May, Devdent COO with over 17 years of experience in dental billing, shares medical billing implementation secrets and tips. Save the date! Because Dentrix plus Imagn Billing equals a medical billing information explosion!  Read on for information on how to learn what you need to know to implement medical billing in your dental practice.

Access to the Future of Better Billing

Dentrix plus Imagn Billing combine on March 8th to educate you on “How to Get Started in Medical Billing”. Access critical information for all dentists, office managers, and key front desk staff, delivered to you in one free webinar. Crystal May, COO of Devdent breaks down the implementation of medical billing into essential steps in the medical billing process.

If you are not using medical billing for your patients dental care, you are denying yourself better case acceptance. Worse yet, your patient is missing out on improved care options. Medical billing is not just a coverage choice; medical billing is the future of dentistry. That alone makes this webinar worthwhile, so save the date and REGISTER HERE.

We’ll Show You Where to Begin

Maybe you just don’t know where to start with medical billing. Maybe you feel you should stick with the same billing methods you always used. Stop a moment to consider how much the dentalcare on your patients directly impacts their health. Shouldn’t the case acceptance and coverage reflect that? The rest is easy, because in the Dentrix plus Imagn Billing webinar, Crystal May will break down medical billing implementation for you.

  • New patient phone call for medical billing
  • Understand why the medical history is key
  • Documentation requirements
  • SOAP note creation
  • Importance of credentialing

Dentrix Plus Imagn Billing Both Offer Support to Their Customers.

Some practices hesitate to implement billing changes because they worry about the “what ifs”. Imagn Billing has over 99% customer satisfaction rating. That comes from providing great software and stellar customer support. You will never  wonder what to do, because the support team is there with training and guidance for your practice’s billing needs.

Dentrix offers the Dentrix Customer Service Plan, so you can focus worry free on running your practices instead of your network. You don’t need to fret over long term contracts, since Dentrix offers monthly or yearly plans.

Your Instructor

Crystal May alone has over 17 years of dental billing experience. That experience includes the development of several software solutions to help resolve dental practices implementation of dental sleep medicine and medical billing. She has the knowledge, experience and the passion to share the correct method of medical billing for dental procedures when applicable. Nearly every code in dentistry can be billed to medical with the right knowledge and tools. Crystal can arm you with both of those. You just need to be there to gain the advantage.

If you don’t want to wait until Noon on March 8th to find out how Imagn Billing will increase your revenue and offer improved patient care, Request your Demo Here.

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