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Dental Sleep Medicine - 101

(Reg $̶5̶5̶0̶ / $275) | 8 CE Credits

Discover how you can accelerate the implementation of Dental Sleep Medicine in your practice with our new revolutionary curriculum that removes the frustration of treating sleep disorders. Learn about the Upper Airway, the TMJ, and surrounding muscles and how they affect your patients.

Medical Billing In Dentistry - 100

(Reg $̶1̶4̶9̶.̶9̶9̶ / $74.99) | 4 CE Credits

There are many procedures in dentistry that are medically necessary but are not covered by dental insurance. This Basics Workshop will help you to identify your “low hanging fruit” and show how you may be able to get medically necessary procedures paid by medical insurance.

Medical Billing In Dentistry - 101

(Reg $̶6̶9̶9̶ / $349.50) | No CE Credits

Tap into a new revenue source with Medical Billing for Dentistry. Learn to identify cases that are covered by medical insurance, understand what questions to ask, and how to help patients get the treatment needed. Nearly every code in dentistry can be billed to medical with the right knowledge and tools

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Crystal May

Co-Founder & COO
Dental Sleep Medicine & Medical Billing

Laurie Owens

Director of Medical Billing Education
Medical Billing

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