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Steps To Start Testing For COVID-19

Step #1


Rules and regulations vary by state and can change at any time. You must check with your state for additional requirements or restrictions. Here is a list of contact information for each state.


Step #1

Step #2


Every dentist that is providing COVID-19 testing must have a CLIA ID number and a Certificate of Waiver. You must complete the CMS-116 application and submit it to your state agency. For a detailed step-by-step guide on completing this application, watch our CLIA Application Instructional Video. Processing times vary by state, so submit your application right away to avoid delays.

Step #2

Step #3

Order CareStart™ COVID-19 Antigen Test Kits

Once you have either your CLIA ID number or proof that your application has been submitted, you can order your test kits.  Processing and shipping will take 3-5 days and there is a 2 box minimum per order.

CareStart™ COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit

Step #3

Step #4

Complete Educational Videos

Included for FREE in your first CareStart COVID-19 testing order is instructional and educational videos on how to get started with COVID-19 testing. You will learn the protocols and procedures surrounding scheduling, screening, testing and reporting; You will also learn how to utilize medical insurance and the basics of medical billing so that you can GET PAID for COVID-19 testing.

COVID-19 Testing for Dental Practices 

Step #4

Schedule aN Expert CAll

Have a question? Need advice on where to start for your unique practice? Schedule an expert call and one of our practice consultants will help get you started. 

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