COVID-19 Testing for Dental Practices

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1. Implementing COVID-19 Testing Into Your Dental Practice
Learn the basic guidelines surrounding COVD-19 testing and why it’s critical for dentists to offer this service. Review a step-by-step implementation process to help set-up your protocols to be successful and compliant when offering COVID-19 testing for your patients.

  • Dentistry’s Role
  • CLIA Application Step-By-Step Guide
  • Topic Quiz
  • Protocols
  • Summary of Appointments
  • Lesson Quiz

2. COVID-19 Testing In Dentistry
A review of the basic types of COVID-19 tests that are available and why the CareStart™ Rapid Antigen test is ideal for dental practices. 1. Types of tests 2. Comparison chart 3. CareStart ™ Rapid COVID Test 4. Brief description of test 5. EUA approval 6. Screenshots and definitions 7. FDA disclaimer 8. Copy of CareStart EUA 9. Copy of CareStart CLIA 10. How to administer the test - handout 11. Price – Order process

3. Getting Paid for COVID-19 Testing
This summary will show you what billing options are available when offering COVID-19 testing to your patients. You will learn what codes and coverages are available from both Dental and Medical Insurance. You will also see the different diagnosis code options, and how to choose the appropriate code for each case, and what clinical documentation is needed when billing medical insurance.

4. Medical Billing Potential In Your Dental Practice
This high level overview of medical billing in the dental practice will show you what can be billed to medical insurance, the most common procedures covered by medical insurance and how to be successful using Imagn Billing as your billing partner.

5. The Basics of Credentialing Your Dental Practice With Medical Insurance
Credentialing is a critical piece of the puzzle when billing medical insurance. Don’t let credentialing slow your claims down. Learn what credentialing is, why it is essential, and how to start the process, with a step-by-step breakdown.

6. BONUS: Imagn Billing Software & Service
Why bill to medical insurance.

7. CE Credit Request
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