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Medical Billing and Coding for Implants and Oral Surgery

Join Laurie Owens as she reviews the medical billing and coding guidelines for implants and other common surgical procedures.  She will cover everything from single tooth implants to full mouth reconstruction.  There are procedures you complete every day that may be covered by medical insurance! Learn why proper coding is essential for speedy claims processing and maximum reimbursement. 

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Streamline Your Dental Sleep Medicine With the DROWZLE App

With 2021 starting off we want to share with you how you can streamline dental sleep medicine in your practice. With the DROWZLE App you can use a mobile app to screen and receive a diagnosis from a board-certified sleep specialist. View Available Live Webinars Follow us on Facebook

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2021 Medical Code Changes – What Dentists Need to Know

2021 will bring 613 new codes, 52 revised codes, 26 deleted codes, and 39 converted codes. Find out how these changes will affect dentistry, and one code, in particular, will be a significant change! View Available Live Webinars Follow us on Facebook

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How To Complete Internal Practice Audits

Learn how to safeguard your office and correct billing errors in an expedient way. This webinar will give you the tools to establish a practice protocol and create principles that will protect your providers.

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Implementation: The Key to Successfully Billing Medical Insurance

Like a precision clock, medical billing for dentistry needs a team to have all the gears moving in their prospective directions to make medical billing work. In this webinar, we will breakdown roles, clearly define accountability for tasks, and specific guidelines to complete the tasks.

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Strong Foundations Survive The Storm

We are excited to have Dr. Michael Goldberg join us for this special edition webinar. He and Crystal May will explore some of the most common obstacles practices are facing when trying to grow and expand their practices. Have you tried to implement new services or processes and struggled? Have you ever wondered why some practices run smoother than others? Join these practice consulting experts as they share with you their experiences and tools that are practice changers.

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5 Obstacles Stopping Dentists From Successful Long Term Medical Insurance Billing

How To Overcome High Deductibles and Get Paid Join Kim Pajak as she covers the five obstacles stopping dentists from successful long-term medical billing. Have you tried medical billing in the past and stopped after a while? Are you frustrated with the learning curve? Kim has 15 years of experience in both the back and front office and six years’ experience billing medical. She has helped hundreds of offices add practical medical billing into there every day. Let her help you also by attending this webinar. View Available Live Webinars Follow us on Facebook

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How To Overcome High Deductibles and Get Paid

How To Overcome High Deductibles and Get Paid Deductibles and patient copays are an unavoidable part of medical insurance, but they don’t have to hold you back from medical billing. Join Crystal May as she reviews typical policy coverage, how to estimate patient portions, and, most importantly, how to get the patient to say yes to treatment, even with high deductibles. View Available Live Webinars Follow us on Facebook

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Practical Implementation of Medical Billing

Practical Implementation of Medical Billing Join Kim Pajak as she explains the process of implementing medical billing into your practice. She will explore the process from the new patient phone call to determining medical necessity and how SOAP notes don’t need to be intimidating. Every dental office can benefit from adding medical billing as a service, and it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may think. View Available Live Webinars Follow us on Facebook

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Live Patient interview and Sleep Case Studies

Live Patient interview and Sleep Case Studies Join Joe Magness, DDS as he does a live interview with a patient that has seen the benefits of oral appliance therapy. He will also review case studies on actual patients, and review the process of evaluating the patient’s medical history, screening, appliance position, and efficacy sleep test comparison.  This will be a step by step clinical review. View Available Live Webinars Follow us on Facebook

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