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Course: Dental Sleep Medicine Simplified.

This course is the place to start if you are looking to get educated on Dental Sleep Medicine. Learn how to screen, test, treat, collaborate, and monitor patients. With our simplified approach, you will connect how the TMJ, Airway, Sleep, and Jaw Development affect overall health. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you changed your patient’s life. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the dental sleep revolution.



Software With Benefits 😉

Seamlessly integrate dental sleep medicine into your practice by using the Imagn Sleep Software digital workflow. Using the self-score screenings, digital documentation, and signing, you maximize your time with the patient. Apply the customized pipelines to track patients and treat sleep effectively. Learn more about how Imagn Sleep Software can strengthen your practice and change your patient’s lives.

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Team Training

On-Site Training or Remote Consulting

Our support for dental sleep medicine does not end at the sleep course or software. Remote and on-site training is available that will help you every step of the way. Our custom practice training helps every team member know their part. Also, how to have conversations with patients, present treatment, and maximizing the chair time.

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A case billed is a case earned

Medical Billing

Combine Imagn Sleep & Imagn Billing in a single platform to streamline the workflow and save time. With the highest level of automation available; you can create cases, send documentation and receive notifications all in one place. Imagn Billing full-service medical billing software is NOT limited to sleep treatments.

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Home Sleep Testing

Zmachine® Synergy

Combining General Sleep’s FDA-cleared EEG-based sleep staging technology with traditional respiratory measures, the Zmachine Synergy delivers everything you’d expect in a next generation home sleep testing system.

Score and interpret the data yourself, or let General Sleep’s team of expert registered PSG technologists and board certified sleep physicians (licensed in all 50 states) handle everything for you with scoring and physician reports available within 48 hours of data upload. All data is viewable and editable via our advanced web portal.

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Step 6: Oral Appliances

Preferred Oral Appliance System

The RiPPLE system is the most versatile, well designed retainer out there. With it’s slim design and fully customizable system you can design each appliance to fit the exact needs of the patient. It has been the preferred oral appliance at dental sleep clinics across the country.

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