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On-demand Webinar: Perfecting Case Presentation for Dental Sleep Medicine

Conversations with patients about sleep are one of the most important part of the Dental Sleep Medicine Process. Enjoy this one hour webinar where Crystal May goes over how to speak with patients and how the whole team works together... Read More

On-demand Webinar: Effects of Sleep On Health & How 5 mins Can Save a Life

Learn how obstructive sleep apnea if left untreated can affect your patient's lives. Crystal goes over how a quick 5 min screening can help strengthen your relationship with your patient and add value in your practice. ... Read More

On-demand Webinar: Taking the Mystery Out of Billing Medical For Dental Implants

Join Laurie Owens on this FREE one-hour education webinar on implants. Learn how to maximize medical benefits, when to bill and what codes to use. Don't miss this jam-packed webinar!... Read More

Why Every Dental Practice Needs To Implement Sleep Medicine

Join Crystal May as she addresses the significant part that the dentist practice plays in the nation's sleep health. What to look for, how to test and treat your patients. Also how you can get paid from medical insurance for... Read More

On-demand Webinar: The Truth Behind Medical Billing In Dentistry

Join Crystal May as she goes over the myths surrounding medical billing in dentistry. Learn how your practice can leverage medical billing in your office to help patients say yes to critical care.... Read More

Dr. Joe Magness: Integrating Sleep Medicine into Your Dental Practice

Yes, overall education and awareness regarding sleep is growing. However, the dental industry needs to take a more significant, serious role in the conversation. Dentists need to get educated on how they can help their patients and become more confident... Read More