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Dental Accident Case Paid in Full

Amount Billed:$507.00. Amount Paid: $507.00. Insurance Carrier: United Healthcare This patient arrived with a fractured tooth due to an accident that required extraction. The provider was able to fabricate a custom mouth flipper to restore the patient’s teeth function. This claim was processed and paid within 18 days of submission for the full amount, leaving the patient with just their coinsurance and deductible payments.  Contact us at (855)-534-1433 or take our assessment to see how we can help you get more success in billing medical insurance for Dental procedures! 

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Dental Patients on the Move

Dental Patients on the Move

I thought about how dental practices are seeing a decrease in case acceptance without asking the important question…why?  Why are we sending dental patients on the move? 

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Advance Your Full-Mouth Treatment Plans to GO!

Monopoly, a great game of strategy that advances you around the board to purchase various properties (except Boardwalk, because it is so very expensive) and trying to get a monopoly of the same color places. 

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Billing Oral Cancer Screenings With Medical Insurance

Oral cancer continues to take lives and it is not partial to economic status. Most recently, we saw this with the tragic death of Eddie Van Halen, who died as a result of his oral cancer. Oral cancer had been an ongoing battle for Eddie Van Halen for nearly 20 years and, unfortunately, it ended his life at the age of 65.

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How to Complete The CLIA Application For Dentistry CLIA Application – Section 1  Check Initial Application Leave CLIA ID blank for new applications DO NOT use DBA. Tax ID must match facility name. Name of Director is generally the provider.  CLIA Application – Section 2  Check only the first box, Certificate of Waiver. CLIA Application – Section 3 CLIA Application – Section 4 CLIA Application – Section 5 Most offices will apply for a single site application.  Read carefully.  If No, skip to section VI.  CLIA Application – Section 6  List specific test type which must be CLIA Waived.  Estimate total annual volume.    CLIA Application – Section 7 and 8 Skip for Waived Tests CLIA Application – Section 9 Check FOR PROFIT, 04 Proprietary CLIA Application

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