March 17, 2022 • 5 min read

Insurance Profitability – The Conference You Can’t Miss

The conference on Insurance Profitability in Atlanta will teach how to transition to medical billing.




Insurance Profitability

Don’t miss our conference on Insurance Profitability on May 20-21, 2022 in Atlanta.  During this conference, Travis Campbell, DDS and Crystal May, Devdent COO will teach how to transition to medical billing. Dr. Travis Campbell, aka the “practice whisperer”, is passionate about the business end of running a practice. As a result, his perspective will show you the importance of medical insurance billing in dentistry. Crystal May is passionate about using medical billing to grow the dental industry and improve patient care. She will guide you through medical billing best practices. Together, these two experts will inspire you to bill with confidence. Using the right billing method, you can be compensated with increased case acceptance.

“Nearly every code in dentistry can be billed to medical [insurance] with the right knowledge and tools.”– Devdent COO Crystal May 

Why it Matters

As a dentist you impact patient health every day. That is wonderful, but are you paid for all the work you do? Most patients’ medical insurance offers far more robust coverage than their dental insurance. Many dental patients have conditions that directly tie to their health status, but are only using their dental insurance for coverage. Dr. Travis Campbell and Crystal May know insurance for dental procedures and will share when and how to bill medical insurance for dental care. This approach doesn’t just enhance patient coverage and care; It helps you tap into a whole new revenue source. You will learn how to keep your practice financially healthy through Insurance Profitability and great patient care.

When to Bill Medical Insurance

One of the first topics the course will cover is WHEN to bill medical insurance. Though medical billing is appropriate for most patients, it is not right for everyone. For example, let’s say a patient comes in with carries in one area of the oral cavity. They’ve never had carries before, but they kept a cough drop right here in their mouth and it made a pinpoint. This patient’s treatment doesn’t indicate a medical insurance claim. However, six months later they are back in your chair with four areas of carries and they need two crowns. The patient’s change in status isn’t normal unless there is an impacting trigger.

Now would be the time to say, “You know that medication that you switched to? It had an adverse effect, creating carries and the necessity for these crowns. Let’s look at what we can do on the medical billing side to help you get the treatment you need.” Patients brag about care providers who make an effort, but they brag more about those who succeed. This would be an example of a case when medical billing is indicated. Besides insurance profitability, medical billing helps more patients afford the care they need.  Why aren’t you already doing it?

How to Document Properly for Medical Billing

If there is an extremely crucial step to medical billing, it is to document the case details. Even if you know the details, until they are documented, no one else will know them. Other people can’t read your thoughts and won’t be able to review the unrecorded details missing from the notes. Documentation is essential, but so is knowing what needs to be recorded about a patient. In this course you will learn best practices of documentation, how and what to document for best results.

The Process and Protocols for VOB, Pre-Auth and Claim

Dr. Travis Campbell and Crystal May are the perfect duo to walk you through approval generating protocols. By learning and following the process for medical claims, you’ll put your claim on a fast track to decision and payment. Enjoy noticeably increased case acceptance with education from two premier insurance specialists. You will only get this dual professional perspective in the Insurance Profitability course offered this May 20 and 21 in Atlanta.

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