October 05, 2020 • 3 min read

DROWZLE™ Dental Sleep App

The DROWZLE App helps dental providers identify and treat patients with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.



Crystal May

Director of Medical Billing Education for Devdent

DROWZLE™ Dental Sleep App
It’s No Mystery Poor Sleep Affects Our Patients

Poor sleep has drastic effects on a patient’s overall health. Odds are 20% of your patients suffer from moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and need oral appliance therapy.  However, most of these patients either don’t know they are at risk or lack the motivation to seek treatment. As a dental provider, you have an important role in helping these patients get screened and treated. However identifying these patients, educating them on the importance of treatment, and motivating them to seek treatment can pose challenges. Then as a result patients are left untreated and continue to suffer from OSA. Most approaches to managing OSA patients may seem daunting, but the DROWZLE App is different and here to support you in each step in the process.

As a dental provider, you have an important role in helping these patients get screened and treated.Crystal May


DROWZLE Makes It Simple

By starting with a digital screening tool like DROWZLE you drastically reduce the burden of screening on your workflow. Because the digital screening process doesn’t depend upon your personal mastery. Patients can be routinely assed without significantly impacting your clinical workflow. Saving you critical time and resources.

Step 1: Screening & Assessment 

The DROWZLE screening process starts before the appointment by using a unique practice link. The patient than screens themselves in their own home using their smartphone and the results are automatically sent to your provider portal. As a result, when the patient arrives their risk level has already been assessed and they have been educated on their current sleep health. This saves you critical chair time and makes the process of talking with the patient about their sleep more productive.

Step 2: Post Treatment & Monitoring

After the patient receives their custom oral appliance, the DROWZLE App can also be used to titrate and track treatment progress over time. For example, symptoms such as daytime sleepiness can be digitally tracked.  Physiologic assessments of “sleepiness” can be performed by measuring reaction time while playing a game within the DROWZLE App. Also, ongoing overnight assessments can be performed by the patient to measure and track interruptions in breathing and overall sleep quality.

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