February 06, 2019 • 5 min read

Dr. Todd Fincher: Making a Difference in the Community

Dr. Fincher is a dentist from Greenwood who has been in private practice since 1986. He has a passion for dentistry and is an avid outdoorsman.



Joe Magness, DDS

Devdent CEO

Making a Difference in the Community
Making a Difference in the Community

Dr. Todd Fincher in Greenwood, Mississippi is making a big impact on his community through dental sleep medicine.

Dr. Fincher is a native of Greenwood where he lives with his wife, Laura. They have been married for thirty years and have three grandchildren. Dr. Fincher’s education includes Pillow Academy, Mississippi Delta Community College, Mississippi State University-BS,Delta State University-MS, and Louisiana State University School of Dentistry-DDS. Dr. Fincher has been in private practice since 1986 and served as a clinical professor at Mississippi Delta Community College Dental Hygiene School. His passion for dentistry shows with the technology he embraces to provide the highest level of dentistry in the southeast. Dr. Fincher is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying wildlife and habitat management along with hunting and fishing. He is a member of First Presbyterian church in Greenwood where he is a past deacon and present elder. Dr. Fincher has served on numerous mission trips, including five trips to Cameroon, West Africa.

Dr. Fincher specializes in sedation and cosmetic dentistry as well as general dentistry for the whole family. He has completed cosmetic cases for the Miss USA pageant and Miss Mississippi.

Of course, he also treats sleep and uses Imagn Sleep to manage the flow of sleep treatment in his office. Dr. Fincher has been using Imagn Sleep for over a year and exclusively recommends the Ripple Retainer and Ripple Plus Appliances to his patients.

On-Site Team Training

Devdent has been to Dr. Fincher’s office for on-site training twice and are planning another visit in June. We have been working closely with Dr. Fincher and his team. During an on-site visit, we work side by side as if we are an employee of the practice. Some of the things we do during our visits are:

  • Presenting Treatment Plans to Patients

  • Sending Insurance Information to Imagn Billing

  • Assisting the Office Manager with Insurance Claims

  • Assisting Dr. Fincher with Impressions, Ripple Position, and Obtaining the Correct Bite for Sleep Patients

  • Assists with Dental Appliance Delivery

  • Coaches the Team on Any Speed Bumps they are Experiencing in the Sleep Process
Community Involvement

During a consultation with the local sheriff, Dr. Fincher and our Devdent Trainer discussed the importance of sleep and how the Ripple Appliance may help his officers with the long hours and stress they cope with daily. The sheriff invited Dr. Fincher to speak to the officers and their spouses at an upcoming department event. One officer shared how the Ripple Oral Appliance has changed his life. The officers (and some family members) are now coming in for screenings and home sleep tests! The sheriff’s office presented Dr. Fincher with a wooden flag plaque as a thank you gift. Dr. Fincher is planning to speak to the SWAT team and their spouses next.

Dr. Fincher participates in the Healthy Start program for children, treating children with sleep and behavioral issues.

He takes treating sleep in his community seriously and wants to reach as many people as he can. About half of his patients have conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes or are overweight and improving their sleep through dental sleep medicine can have a tremendous improvement in their overall health.

Partnering for Success

Dr. Fincher is a perfect example of the success that can be found by partnering Imagn Sleep with on-site training and on-going coaching. Improving patient health through dental sleep medicine.

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