May 10, 2023 • 10 mins read

Dental Checkups are Essential

We provide comprehensive dental checkups to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. Our experienced dentists will assess your oral health and provide personalized advice.



Danielle Duncan

Dental Checkups are Essential

Dental checkups, the semi-annual appointment that a lot of patients dread, but they don’t have to! While many patients will swear that they care about their health, they visit their primary care doctor annually and follow up with specialists when needed, but, there is one glaring hole in their whole body health routine, scheduling dental checkups and cleanings regularly. 

Upwards of 30 to 30 million adult Americans avoid semi-annual or even annual trips to the dentist due to anxiety and over 4% of Americans are worried about the heavy burden of cost that comes with it due to an outdated method of billing dental insurance that doesn’t keep up with the needs of patients and their finances or because they’re simply underinsured. 

As you already know, adherence to a regularly scheduled dental exam is paramount to oral and whole body health. There are several reasons that patients should keep up with their annual (or semi-annual) exams with their dental professionals. 

1. Catch small problems before they grow into bigger problems. 

Catching small problems, such as cavities (dental caries) or the beginnings of gum disease is an important part of preventative dental care. Attending regular dental checkups allows patients and dentists to head potential problems off at the pass before a more expensive and invasive procedure, such as a root canal, is the only option left. 

2. Out with the old, in with the new, fillings have an expiration date!

Despite what some people may think, fillings aren’t a permanent solution, oftentimes needing to be replaced every few years to ensure the health of teeth treated with fillings. Fortunately, with a great at home oral hygiene routine and regular visits to the dentist, fillings may last longer and can help to prevent more filling work in the future. 

3. Curing gingivitis and preventing problems. 

Gingivitis can be reversed by a dental hygienist and dentist if they see their patients for their regular visits. As a part of any standard dental exam, the gums are inspected for signs of gum disease, and instructions given on how best to treat any existing gingivitis. 

4. Cavity treatment. 

Whether a patient has pain or not, doesn’t mean they are in the clear for cavities. A regular dental exam can help to find and treat cavities to stop further tooth decay which can lead to expensive follow up treatment such as root canals. 

5. Education!

Dental professionals are the key to keeping patients educated on their oral and whole body health. Attending regular dental exams allows patients to have a better understanding of how best to care for their teeth, gums, and whole mouth health. With this knowledge they can help prevent systemic infections that can cause health problems related to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, and more. 

You can help to resolve at least one of the fears holding your patients back from attending their regular dental appointments, by implementing medical billing into your dental practice. If you aren’t sure where to start, one of our knowledgeable staff members can help! Schedule a call today or take our free assessment!

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