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Imagn Billing Feature Case: Bone Graft, Barrier & Excision of Bone

In this example Imagn Billing case you will see how a dental office in Washington successfully billed for bone-grafting, barrier, bone excision with biopsy, and complex incision repair. Our Imagn Billing team processed this claim on 08/5/2020 to Premera insurance the claim was denied, and our team filed the appeal on 10/19/2020 and it was paid on 10/31/2020.

Billing Oral Cancer Screenings With Medical Insurance

Oral cancer continues to take lives and it is not partial to economic status. Most recently, we saw this with the tragic death of Eddie Van Halen, who died as a result of his oral cancer. Oral cancer had been an ongoing battle for Eddie Van Halen for nearly 20 years and, unfortunately, it ended his life at the age of 65.

How to Complete The CLIA Application For Dentistry CLIA Application – Section 1  Check Initial Application Leave CLIA ID blank for new applications DO NOT use DBA. Tax ID must match facility name. Name of Director is generally the provider.  CLIA Application – Section 2  Check only the first box, Certificate of Waiver. CLIA Application – Section …

Encountering Medical Insurance Plan Exclusions When Cross Coding

A health insurance plan exclusion refers to anything the insurance company will not cover, ranging from a type of drug, surgery, or…

Imagn Billing Cross Coding Tool

How to Use the Smart Cross Coding Tool in Imagn Billing

When cross-coding dental treatment to medical insurance it can feel like you are speaking a different language. However, with the Smart Cross Coding Tool in Imagn Billing, you can

Imagn Billing Feature Case: Implant

The 61-year-old male patient presented for an emergency appointment with symptoms of pain levels higher in the evening and non-reactive to medication. 

How to Use Filters To Organize Cases in Imagn Billing

When working in a large or small practice, managing medical billing cases can be difficult. Within Imagn Billing you have the ability to organize your cases using the filter option in the case view.

Imagn Billing Featured Case: Oral Appliance

In this example Imagn Billing case you will see how a dental office in Washington successfully billed for a sleep appliance.

How to Update Your Imagn Billing Membership Credit Card

With all Imagn Billing Memberships, you can update your form of payment in your account on the Devdent website.

How to Update Your Credit Card in Imagn Billing

Updating your credit card in Imagn Billing is simple and easy and can be done by any team member who has practice admin access.

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