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Medical Billing

Botox For TMD Success Story!

Amount Billed: $804.00 Amount Paid: $562.80 Insurance Carrier: Meritain Health This patient’s TMJ was treated with Botox (chemodenervation) to help relieve the tenderness and tension in the muscles.  The total $804.00 was billed to medical insurance and $562.80 was successfully …

Dental Sleep Medicine

Restorative Surgery Success Story!

Amount Billed: $2100.00 Amount Paid: $975.00 Insurance Carrier: Empire This patient had swelling and an abscess caused by a fractured tooth. They were treated with restorative surgery for full function and form.  The claim, billed at $2,100 was paid for …

Medical Billing

The Gut and The Link to Oral Health

By: Danielle Duncan Your body is its own environment, our personal microbiomes are a collection of good and bad microorganisms and viruses that contribute to the overall health of our bodies. Over the years, health experts and the population at …

Medical Billing

Dry Mouth and The Effects On Whole Body Health

By: Danielle Duncan Saliva, an important part of everyday life, is often taken for granted or flat-out ignored until we start seeing the negative effects of a dry mouth. Everyone needs saliva to help moisten and cleanse our mouths, and …

Imagn Billing Software & Service

TMD and Lightheadedness Success Story

Amount Billed:$3,500 Amount Paid: $2,032.14 Insurance Carrier: Empire This patient experienced frequent headaches and lightheadedness, this dentist was able to provide vital education to the patient regarding their TMD. When billed to medical insurance, this claim was processed and paid …

Imagn Billing Software & Service

Long Term TMD Patient Success Story

Amount Billed:$3500 Amount Paid: $2800 Insurance Carrier: Empire After suffering for years with head, jaw, and neck pain, this patient was successfully treated with an oral appliance for her TMD.  After being billed to medical insurance, this claim was processed …

Imagn Billing Software & Service

Gunshot Victim Denial Appeal Success Story

Amount Billed:$30,893.00 Amount Paid: $30,860.00 Insurance Carrier: Tricare This accident case for a gunshot victim was first denied due to not meeting coverage requirements. However, after a first level appeal, our Imagn billing team was able to get this claim …

Imagn Billing Software & Service

OSA Sleep Appliance and Sleep Test Success

Amount Billed:$6500.00 Amount Paid: $3339.46 Insurance Carrier: Aetna This patient was seen for OSA which was treated with a sleep appliance and a follow up sleep screening was sent to insurance after the initial insurance review of the records on …

Medical Billing

Maxilla Reconstruction Success Story

Our Imagn Billing Team was able to fight to get this claim covered for the patient. Despite being overturned via a timely filing denial, we were still able to get this claim paid, which allowed the patient to get the …

Medical Billing

Implant For Dentures Success Story

This patient arrived with old, worn out dentures that were impeding her ability to function properly. After an extensive exam, implants were placed to allow for a new better fitting denture to resolve the problems.  Billing medical insurance for the …

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