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Advance Your Full-Mouth Treatment Plans to GO!

Monopoly, a great game of strategy that advances you around the board to purchase various properties (except Boardwalk, because it is so very expensive) and trying to get a monopoly of the same color places. 

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Imagn Billing Feature Case: Bone Graft, Barrier & Excision of Bone

In this example Imagn Billing case you will see how a dental office in Washington successfully billed for bone-grafting, barrier, bone excision with biopsy, and complex incision repair. Our Imagn Billing team processed this claim on 08/5/2020 to Premera insurance the claim was denied, and our team filed the appeal on 10/19/2020 and it was paid on 10/31/2020.

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How To Complete a CMS 1500 Medical Claim Form for Dentistry

When billing medical insurance, electronic claims are the preferred way to submit a claim. Electronic claims are superior because they ensure correct processing, faster submission to the insurance, and they decrease errors on claims. Tools like Imagn Billing are helpful because they submit your case according to what the insurance requires. You simply input your case information in one easy straightforward place and never worry about using the CMS 1500 form. With the case audit system built into Imagn Billing, you won’t accidentally submit a medical claim with missing information. The reason medical insurance claims sent by dental providers are denied is because of missing information about 90% of the time. Table of Contents Click To Learn More 1 of

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Are You Getting Your Toes Wet or Are you All In? 3 Steps for Successful Medical Billing in Dentistry

Growing up on a tropical island was amazing…the sun, sand (not particularly my favorite as an adult), and the pièce de résistance, water.  As a young child, we were always near or in the water.  It was not an option to not know how to swim.  I did not get there without being thrown in the water from my uncle’s boat as they puttered to shore (with a life vest so don’t panic).  Picture in your mind, a two-year-old me in the ocean having to make my way back to the beach.  Can you imagine doing that to a child in this day and age?  Most parents now days send kids to swimming lessons.  When my granddaughter went to her

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How To Speak To Your Patients in Dentistry

HELP Is A Four-Letter Word!

The dental office isn’t high on our patient’s priority list. So, understanding that mindset should guide how to speak to your patients and how to help them.

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Cancer And Medical Billing For Dentistry – Before, During, And After

Cancer treatment often will impact other areas of health. Oral health is one such area that should be monitored throughout treatment to ensure that any side effects are identified and treated quickly. Understanding dental care before, during, and after chemotherapy and radiation treatment will also guide you through the medical billing for dentistry.

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Lights, Camera, Action!  The Integral Role of a Dental Assistant for Medical Billing in Dentistry

What is one of the hardest jobs of a dental practice? I’ll give you a clue: They have their hands in surgery, hygiene, lab, exams, post-op appointments, and admin. They are kind of like a one-person show with many different skills rolled into one. One of the hardest jobs of a dental practice is that of a dental assistant. And, in my view, dental assistants play the star, hero, victim, and even the detective of the dental practice. This makes them well-suited for an integral role in medical billing for dentistry. Here are the five areas where dental assistants and medical billers for dentistry can work together: 1. Investigator Assistants are the avenue through exams because the information they obtain

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6 Principles to Prevent your Dental Practice from Unintentional Insurance Fraud

Do you look good in orange  How about black and white stripes? We laugh now, but are you sure that your medical billing for dentistry is compliant with regulations? When it comes to billing medical insurance for dentistry, what you don’t know CAN hurt you! Don’t get complacent with learning and applying the rules to your billing. I am not saying you have to agree with the rules, I sure don’t. Regardless of how you feel, you should want to safeguard your doctor, practice and honestly, yourself.  So, here are some billing principles to make sure you are in compliance: 1. No writing off co-payments or deductibles. Now, in dentistry, how many times have you heard…we will do your treatment

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