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How Sleep Apnea Can Affect Pediatric Patients

How Sleep Apnea Can Affect Pediatric Patients

The American Sleep Apnea Association estimates that 1 to 4% of children experience pediatric sleep apnea, with a large amount being between 2 and 8 years old. No matter the age, sleep apnea is a devastating sleep disorder that can negatively impact health, wellness, and basic functioning if left undiagnosed and untreated.

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Alarming Snoring

These Stats About Snoring Are Alarming

From the loudest snore on record to being a cause of divorce, these stats about snoring are alarming. However, don’t let them scare you; instead, take it as inspiration to seek diagnosis and treatment if there is a sleep disorder actually causing your or your loved ones’ snoring problem.

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Tips to Get the Best Night’s Sleep

7 Tips to Get the Best Night’s Sleep

Getting both the right quantity and quality of sleep is important for every aspect of health. If you’re not getting the recommended seven to nine hours for adults, then these seven tips to get the best night’s sleep are for you.

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A Guideline to Dentistry’s Role in Sleep Medicine

Dental sleep medicine may still be relatively new in the world of dentistry, but the major associations from the ADA to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) are all in agreement on dentistry’s role in sleep health. Dentists are key in reducing the number of people living with undiagnosed and untreated sleep disorders primarily with screening and oral appliance therapy.

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Sleep and Dementia

New Study Links Trouble Sleeping to Dementia in Adults

A review of 51 different sleep studies found that people with sleep problems may have an increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia. While more studies and clinical trials must be done to determine why sleep affects brain health, the initial results make it worthwhile to take your sleep health seriously.

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Obstacles to Dental Sleep Medicine

Overcoming Patient Obstacles To Dental Sleep Medicine

As you start having conversations about sleep, obstacles to dental sleep medicine from your patients will come up. Your patients don’t know the link between oral health and sleep health until you share it with them. Here are the most common symptoms connected to poor sleep and breathing, as well as clear, simple responses you can use with your patients.

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Dental Sleep Medicine Is Starting a Hinge Point in Dentistry

If you look at any industry over time, there are stages of massive growth, development, and innovation that bring it into a new era. This profound or notable transformation of an industry is often called a sea change. Whether it comes through advancements in technology or new scientific discoveries, the most important thing is being aware and adapting so you’re not left behind when the sea change hits. What is the future of dentistry? The next five to ten years are a hinge point for change and dentistry’s first big step to being in the middle of modern-day medicine. The inevitable change will drive dentistry to function similar to the medical field. There is more collaboration between medical doctors, better

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