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6 Tips To Increase Case Acceptance For Oral Appliance Therapy

Are you struggling with case acceptance for oral appliance therapy? Any time a new type of treatment is incorporated into a dental practice, you not only have to consider how patients will react to the treatment but also the cost. Presenting sleep treatment is no different than presenting any other type of dental treatment. Whether it’s a sleep appliance that costs $2,500, an implant case that costs $3,000, an ortho case at $5,000, or a quadrant of restorative dentistry for $1,800, case presentation is the same. When an office that has excellent case acceptance for “normal” dentistry struggles with case acceptance for oral appliance therapy, it is hard to understand why. Dental teams understand the value of replacing a missing

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Is Dentistry Doomed to be a Commodity?

Dentists complete comprehensive education and earn a degree in either DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) — and, like their medical counterparts, are called doctors. However, there appears to be a shift in the mind frame of consumers,  that dental treatment is now considered a retail commodity instead of a medical treatment.  Yet, when we ask dental professionals what they most want to be known for, they unanimously say that providing top-of-the-line health care is their number one goal. So why are dentists not considered healthcare providers? There are several factors why dentists aren’t considered health care providers like their medical doctor counterparts by the general public. First, because dental offices have crossed into retail

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Dentistry and Cancer: The Link And The Solution

2018 was a rough year for me and my family, but one that confirmed that I am on the right professional path. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am moved to share this story as it is very close to my heart and my work. It brought great inspiration and reflection to what I do daily in the dental industry. Early in the year my father, at the age of 68, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. A stage four diagnosis, unfortunately, because it was in his spine and already metastasized to the bone. He had surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation over the course of 10 months. About halfway through his treatment, my mom, age 66, went in for a

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Billing Medical Insurance for Sleep Appliances: READY. SET. BILL!

By: Crystal May Have you incorporated sleep screening and treatment into your practice? Are you considering adding this service but have some reservations? Regardless of where you are in the process, chances are high that you have wondered how you will get paid for these services. Unfortunately, dental insurance doesn’t cover sleep appliances, and patients don’t want to pay out of pocket. On average, mandibular advancement devices (MDA) cost between $1800-$2000 on the low end and can reach upwards of $5000 on the high end. These costs do not generally include sleep testing, imaging, airway evaluation tools, or time spent with the doctor. Adding all these up, the patient could be looking at a treatment cost of over $3000-$6000, which

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Don’t Accidentally Miss a Billing Opportunity by Ignoring Medical Insurance

Author: Crystal May, COO and co-founder of Devdent and Imagn Billing Car crashes. Falls. Botched home improvement projects. Misguided baseballs. Any dentist with more than a few years of experience has seen patients with damaged teeth from an accidental injury. Repairing that damage can be expensive, but few dental insurance plans come close to covering the cost — and that isn’t an accident. Dental insurers know that the high costs of dental care from accidents will usually be covered by medical insurance. Unfortunately, many dentists still hesitate to bill medical insurance for dental work because they don’t know how. As an educator on medical billing for dentistry, I see that one of the hardest things for dental offices to do

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Billing Oral Cancer Screenings With Medical Insurance

Oral cancer continues to take lives and it is not partial to economic status. Most recently, we saw this with the tragic death of Eddie Van Halen, who died as a result of his oral cancer. Oral cancer had been an ongoing battle for Eddie Van Halen for nearly 20 years and, unfortunately, it ended his life at the age of 65.

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How to Complete The CLIA Application For Dentistry CLIA Application – Section 1  Check Initial Application Leave CLIA ID blank for new applications DO NOT use DBA. Tax ID must match facility name. Name of Director is generally the provider.  CLIA Application – Section 2  Check only the first box, Certificate of Waiver. CLIA Application – Section 3 CLIA Application – Section 4 CLIA Application – Section 5 Most offices will apply for a single site application.  Read carefully.  If No, skip to section VI.  CLIA Application – Section 6  List specific test type which must be CLIA Waived.  Estimate total annual volume.    CLIA Application – Section 7 and 8 Skip for Waived Tests CLIA Application – Section 9 Check FOR PROFIT, 04 Proprietary CLIA Application

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How to Bill Medical Insurance for Oral Sleep Appliances

As more dentists begin to perform their role in dental sleep medicine it raises a lot of questions on how to bill oral appliances to medical insurance. The process of billing oral appliances to medical insurance is all about having the proper documentation and tools.

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DROWZLE™ Dental Sleep App

By starting with a digital screening tool like DROWZLE you drastically reduce the burden of screening on your workflow. Because the digital screening process doesn’t depend upon your personal mastery. Patients can be routinely assed without significantly impacting your clinical workflow. Saving you critical time and resources.

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