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Devdent is determined to guide practices all over the country and we believe that with the right support and tools every practice can implement dental sleep medicine & medical billing successfully. 

Medical Billing In Dentistry

Dental insurance companies provide limited benefits. Also, the majority of the time, they don’t include basic dental care needs. In contrast, when you bill medical insurance, you provide the opportunity for patients to tap into their medical benefits — leaving dental benefits for routine procedures. As a result, patients can say yes to the urgent treatment they need. You also give your patients options that they never had before. At Devdent, we provide you the guidance and appropriate education and tools to help your patients utilize their medical benefits. 

Dental Sleep Medicine

Dental sleep medicine has never been more critical than now. Over the counter, devices are causing more issues, then they fix and are putting the oral health of patients at risk. More than ever, dentists have a unique role where they can help these patients correctly treat their Sleep Disorders. We have combined all the tools and resources needed in one place so that you can implement sleep into your practice successfully.

Our Core Values

"Innovative, Influential, Supportive, Determined & Honest."

Our Vision

We believe that dentistry and committed patients hold the key to health.

Our Mission

We believe that dentistry and committed patients hold the key to health.

Meet Our Team

Joe Magness

CEO at Devdent

Crystal May

COO at Devdent

Laurie Owens

Director Of Medical Billing Education

Jared Weiss

Marketing Director

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Dental Sleep Medicine & Medical Billing

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Director of Medical Billing Education
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