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Strengthening Practices
& Improving Patient Care

At Devdent our passion for dentistry and patient care drive us to support and improve dental health medicine. When you partner with us, you get an experienced team with years of hands-on knowledge.

We believe that dentists play a significant role in every patient's total health and that they can improve not only the lives of their patients but their community.

As a company, we are determined to develop dentistry and provide every dentist the tools and knowledge they need to make educated decisions and magnify their role in their patient's total health.

Streamlined. Cost Effective.
Medical Billing Software & Service.

Focus on your patients, knowing that you are providing options to help them afford treatment using their medical benefits.

Utilizing Imagn Billing’s service is the future of modern dentistry. Reducing time spent training and tracking cases will give you time to focus on advancing patient care. Using One Click Submit Imagn Billing handles the billing process, from submission to aging, to appeals. No more phone calls, faxes or time spent contacting medical insurance companies.


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