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Dental Sleep Medicine & Medical Billing

Watch for our live webinars or view on-demand. Continue to learn how dental sleep medicine and medical billing are driving dentistry forward.

Online Education

Start learning about new streams of revenue for your practice and how you can change your patients lives. Devdent offers hours of video content and resources to get you started. 

Medical Billing In Dentistry - 101

Tap into a new revenue source with Medical Billing for Dentistry. Learn to identify cases that are covered by medical insurance.

Dental Sleep Medicine

Discover how you can accelerate the implementation of Dental Sleep Medicine in your practice with our online curriculum.

On-site Practice Training

Devdent’s on-site training for medical billing or dental sleep medicine helps get your team on the same page.

Live CE Courses

With CE Courses across the country you can get the education needed to strengthen your practice and increase your revenue.

Dental Sleep Medicine

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Medical Billing

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Software To Streamline Your Process


Developed For Dentists By Dentists

Supercharge the implementation and process of dental sleep medicine or medical billing with Imagn’s intuitive software.

Devdent is a certified educator and trainer of the Imagn Software Suite.

Dental Sleep Software

Screen | Track | Bill

Schedule a demo to see how Imagn Sleep can streamline dental sleep medicine in your practice.

Medical Billing Software

Track | Code | Get Paid

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Why Dental Sleep & Medical Billing?

Change Patient Lives & Increase Practice Revenue

Dental Sleep Medicine

Poor Sleep Affects Everything

Poor sleep has a significant impact on overall health. As a health care provider, it is increasingly important to know how to help patients that suffer from poor sleep. Increase your revenue and provide life changing treatment to your patients with oral appliances.

Free Webinar: Effects of Poor Sleep On Health 

Obstructive Sleep Apnea By The Numbers

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An estimated 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea.

80% of moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea undiagnosed¹.

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Up to 83% of patients with type 2 diabetes suffer from sleep apnea which often goes undiagnosed¹.

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OSA episodes produce surges in systolic and diastolic pressure that keep mean blood pressure levels elevated at night leading to an increased risk of heart failure.

Other Obstructive Sleep Apnea Symptoms: Excessive daytime tiredness, loud snoring, observed episodes of stopped breathing during sleep, abrupt awakenings accompanied by gasping or choking, awakening with a dry mouth or sore throat, morning headache, difficulty concentrating during the day, experiencing mood changes, such as depression or irritability, high blood pressure, nighttime sweating and decreased libido¹.

Medical Billing

It’s All About The Patients

Dental insurance rarely provides patients with benefits for more extensive procedures. By utilizing your patient’s medical insurance, you provide them the opportunity to receive more comprehensive coverage. Commonly billed procedures to medical insurance include trauma, sleep & TMD, periodontal, implants, and more.

Free Webinar: The Truth Behind Medical Billing In Dentistry 

Medical Billing Helps Real People With Real Problems

Kimberly, 18 Years Old

Kimberly was born with the degenerative tooth condition Amelogenesis imperfecta. This condition caused her teeth to be unusually small, discolored, and prone to rapid wear and breakage¹. High school was challenging, and she was struggling to get good grades. She was severely depressed and put on suicide watch. Thankfully her dental team was proactive and had been trained on medical billing and recognized the opportunity to bill her procedure too medical insurance. She got her life back with all on four implanted dentures ($25,000-$50,000), and soon after, she had her life back and got accepted to her favorite college. The dental team was able to get it 100% covered by her medical insurance.

Common Procedures Billed To Medical: Panorex x-rays, CBCT (cone beam) and tomography, oral infections, cysts, oral inflammation, sleep apnea appliances (dental sleep medicine), TMJ appliances, headache treatment, accidents, mucositis, and stomatitis (from chemotherapy and other treatments), frenectomy, and more…

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